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ShenyangAG国际Mechanical and electrical co., LTD

        ShenyangAG国际Mechanical and electrical co., LTD is located in shenyang, liaoning province,Company specializing in the production and sales of various kinds of fasteners,The riveting tool,Sealing strip,Chassis cooling products such as chassis cabinets peripheral products。

        Company sales pull rivet nut and pressure riveting nut is especially suitable for use on the plates and thin wall parts of special fasteners,You do not need to attack when using internal thread,No welding nut,Has the strong,Beautiful,Convenient,Quick, etc,And operating noise,No pollution,In today's world trend of environmental protection,Can be widely used in refrigeration,Railway,The elevator,Furniture,Lighting lighting,The switch,The instrument,Decoration,Medical equipment and other industries。

        At present, the company products fromM3-M12The flat head,Countersunk head,The small top series products,A cylindrical riveting,Column grain type,Hexagon,Blind hole and so on four broad categories,And steel,Aluminum alloy,Different materials such as stainless steel varieties,There are alsoUNCAndUNFAnd whitworth thread riveting nut series products or accept the customerOEMProcessing orders。

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    Cassette nut has a high strength threadCassette nut has a high strength thread fastening effect,Put it in with specialized tools wear good square hole in advance,Withdraw the tools to make it on the sheet metal or other,Install quickly、Convenient,Removable from the new location,Also can tilt...[In more detail]
    Fluid sealant has excellent resistance to ozone agingSealing strip quality and price is very confusion。Your fifteen thousand、Six thousand yuan a ton,Cheap only six thousand yuan a ton。Price difference is nearly ten thousand yuan,The quality difference is very big,Call a person。Many seals manufacturer said its products...[In more detail]
    Shenyang pull rivet nut good brazingShenyang pull rivet nut demanding screws may have this process,Because in the process of thread rolling is produced through extrusion materials, metal materials, the principle of plastic deformation,When this thread may be due to the last lap...[In more detail]
    Shenyang pull rivet nut application performance requirements is higherShenyang pull rivet nut is also in each specific area,There will be increasingpemPressure riveting nut products to directly face the competition,And the skill,From the product quality,From is a quotation...[In more detail]

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